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A Journey From Football To Sports Law

It has always been noticed by law firms that the sports laws have a capacity to crack deals, produce rows and opportunities. The 47 year old David Winnie was a Scottish defender and had played many matches with St Mirren and Abberdeen but it was his hard work and perseverance that led him to play in Iceland and Australia.

Winnie is now the head of the sports law department at Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP. This firm operates in Istanbul and London. Although as a child Winnie had always dreamed of attending university, the player inside him always called out to him and said that he had to make a mark as a player first. Even after playing 300 games, the idea of college always stayed with him. So, he started taking a part time degree with later went on to become a full time degree. He graduated with Honours from the University of Paisley in law and economics.

Winnie chose the subject An Introduction to Scots law and then changed it to English law. He specialized in laws concerning the sports. London and Manchester are the major centres of this and the Premier League players and clubs provide enough opportunities for the future in sports law.

Winnie specializes in breach of contract, image rights, contracts and employment issues. His past sports life has helped him a lot as he could learn a lot from experience. He is mostly focused on football and what’s waiting for it in future. According to him, the most significant change the world has ever seen involving agents of players will operate and will start from April of next year. This thing will have a huge impact on on the game and its member assossiations because as surveyed by FIFA only 30% of the transfer deals that have been carried out are by licensed agents.

Winnie is also ready to take over issues that concern pay rules and regulations. The former fullback is all set to shine in his new field and tackle anything that comes along.

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Scotland Confirms Squad For Commonwealth Games

Scotland has confirmed their squad for commonwealth games that will take place in Glasgow this year. Scottish badminton team head Anne Smillie reckons the squad that will be headed by Kirsty Gilmor and Imogen Bankier. Experts think that the Scottish team has the right blend of youth and experience. Gilmor and Bankier play together in the women’s double team, now both of them are the key players in the 10 member Scottish badminton team for Glasgow.

Experts said that Bankier is a good choice to head the team as two years ago in the London Olympics; Bankier represented Great Britain and also won a silver medal. Bankier also has the experience of playing beside veteran players like Robert Blair who will also be seen playing men’s doubles in the tournament along with Paul van Rietvelde. Blair won silver medal in the world championship in 2006.

In the women’s team Gilmor, the world number 18, will head the squad. In the men’s section Martin Campbell and Patrick Mchugh will feature in the doubles matches while in the singles Kieran Merrilees will represent the Scottish team. Van Rietvelde will also play in the mixed doubles with Jillie Cooper.

Two other players such as Caitlin Pringle and Rebbeka Findlay will take part in the tournament to clinch their sixth gold medal from the Commonwealth games. During a recent press conference while talking about the Scottish squad, Smillie said, “I am confident about the team. It has the right blend of youth and experience. I am sure that with this team we can make an impact in the Glasgow 2014. Our players will come up with confident performances in both individual and group events. We hope that the passionate home crowd will also cheer for us and this will help us win in the tournament.”